Soave - The Soave auction

In October 2011 the box wine Soave was launched in Sweden. The goal was to create a PR-value equivalent of SEK 1.000.000.

Today Swedish fashion blogs are a force to be reckoned with. For a wine like Soave, targeting women aged 25-40, getting into the world of fashion- and lifestyle blogs would change everything.

What we did
With the insight in mind we invented “The soave auction” in collaboration with “MinStoraDag” (an organization who grants wishes for critically ill children). During a night in October prestigious and unique fashion garments and accessories were auctioned off. The objects had been donated by celebrities and well known brands. All revenues, in full, went to MinStoraDag. The event was well covered by the press with a guest list full of celebrities.

The result
The auction created many stories that quickly spread in the target audience’s social media channels.  The event was discussed not only in fashion blogs but also on TV, radio and in newspapers. With a generated PR-value of around SEK 2.6 million and more than 200.000 Google hits the launch was a success.

Shortly after the launch Soave emerged as one of the best-selling wines in its category.