REXONA - #rexonadomore

Rexona wanted to generate PR for their #rexonadomore campaign. They had three ticktes to Rexona/Lotus F1 driving school in Marseille but no drivers.

Three opinionaters driving an F1 car will result in coverage. The perfect combination of three opinionators, fit for the target group, could quadruple the reach.

What we did
We sent three fast car aficionados, with a large fan base/audience in the Rexona target group, to Marseille. Top end transportation,

accommodations and atmosphere turned the event from an F1 drive into the time of their lives. The perfect combination consisted of 2 top male bloggers and a famous TV profile: Hugo Rosas, Marcelo Pena and Martin Björk.

The result
Great coverage and reach before, during and after the event.

Total blog reach:  270.592 (weekly)
Instagram reach: 154.992
Instagram likes: 22.010