Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities - Terracotta Army

In 2011 the Terracotta army invaded the caverns beneath the museum.

The goals for the exhibition were tough. The museum wanted to attract 120.000 patrons in total and they needed to sell 30.000 tickets before the exhibition even opened. That is in a country where pre sold tickets to museums are unheard of.


To meet the objectives we had to create a completely new tone of voice. A tone that built expectations in a confident way.

What we did
Our idea and message was simple. To create the demand we needed the following message was communicated: If you want to see this spectacular exhibition you better hurry and get your tickets, or else you will miss out. Even though the message was spread through traditional media, the focus on social media was considerable. The campaign spot became a viral success and

our efforts generated a big spread on Facebook, Twitter, in blogs and other user-generated media. In line with the opening our communication covered all medias.

The Result
With lines, reminding more of the ones outside nightclubs or rock concerts, the success was a fact. The pressure was so high that two separate lines and security guards were needed to manage the inlet.

Two months before the exhibition ended we had reached our goals. When the exhibition closed the number of visitors was 351.400, making the exhibition the most well-attended in the Nordics ever. With a total marketing budget of less than two million the exhibition generated a 40 million revenue and a 20 million profit – another Nordic record for temporary exhibitions.