Mr Jet summer - #svensksommar

Mr Jet is an online traveling agency. They need to attract online bookers of tomorrow.

When it rains it poors and people tend to book trips to non-rainy places.

What we did
We built a twitter bot that auto replied all tweets using #svensksommar (#swedishsummer). A hasthtag that is often used to comment on the bad swedish weather. They received the following message: Use this voucher and book you last minute summer flight to the sun now!

The sadest tweet of the summer was awarded with a trip to sunny Nice.
(The summer of 2012 was especially rainy, even for Sweden)


Thousands and thousands of sad tweets got a great offer!

No. of retweets: 5740
Reach: 640 000 people
MrJet increased its number of followers on Twitter with 20%