Järnaglass - Järnaglass

Järnaglass is a small but organic/ecologic ice cream producer from a small town called Järna, just south of Stockholm.


If you are small (and don’t have a lot of money) you have to be smart. And brave. And loud.

What we did

Järnaglass has always had strong values and believes. By digging them up and putting them on their best-selling flavors we managed to turn every box of ice cream into a small billboard communicating the brand. Or as the CEO said in an interview following the press release: “some will disagree, but everyone will get to know us.

The result

The press release got massive attention. The interactions on the facebook page (only showing the packaging) increased with 400 %(!). And just weeks after the launch sales were up considerably compared to the same period previous year.

If you have questions about this case or want to discuss it in detail, please contact Erik: erik.h@kellyandpling.com